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1.How to use this website

The video below will show you how everything works in grocafrica , what you will benefit from grocafrica and you will also understand what grocafrica is all about.


2.How to refer people and earn in this website

The video below will teach you how to help grocafrica grow and at the same time get paid for your efforts it reveals how the referal program work, you will receive 10% for every referal you make if your people upgrade their accounts to premium members
NOTE: This is optional

2.How to upload your music in grocafrica

This video will show you the basics of how you can upload your music in grocafrica after uploading your music, you can then search it, if your song was uploaded succesfully, search it on the search bar type your stage name or song title, press the search button after, you will see your song, open it and scroll down, until you see song link, copy it and paste on your social media, share it with friends